The Kentucky Candle by Brownstone Candle Company- Vanilla Bourbon

The Kentucky Candle by Brownstone Candle Company- Vanilla Bourbon

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  • 100% Made in the U.S.A
  • Ships from Kentucky

The Kentucky Candle by Brownstone Candle Company-Vanilla Bourbon.  Rich vanilla beans soaked in aged Kentucky Bourbon. 10 Oz. Glass Container. Premium Fragrances and Essential Oils. Double Cotton Wicking for Superior Burn Quality. Hand-poured in small batches in Lexington, Kentucky. Soy wax Candle. Kentucky Proud member.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Though the honey is aged in bourbon barrels, the final product contains absolutely no alcohol. Double Barrel Honey is 100% pure honey.

Yes you sure can, and the flavor is particularly noticeable in our Double-Aged and Limited Edition varieties. The longer the honey ages in the barrel, the more noticeable the bourbon flavor becomes.

Double Barrel Honey is proud to use 100% American Honey. We are true bee people, and we believe there is no replacement for the real thing!

We Let the Honey do the talking


SOOOO good!!! I would recommend this honey a million tines a day!!!

Tammy J.

This idea is brilliant! You can really taste the bourbon (and its perfect!) I am so glad I discovered Double Barrel!

Mac T.

Great customer service, and I love the fact that you can now subscribe, I love when my honey arrives - and when I forget its coming its always a great surprise! I highly recommend!

Sally L.

I came across this on Facebook and bought it on a whim but now I am hooked! I am buying the gift set for my husband for Father's Day for sure!

Marybeth S.